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The National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center aims to create better-informed consumers of telehealth technology. By offering a variety of services in the area of technology assessment, the TTAC (pronounced "tea-tac") aims to become the place for answers to questions about selecting appropriate technologies for your telehealth program. More Information >

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mHealth App Selection

Keeping up with mHealth developments and industry innovations is a never-ending process. TTAC’s last toolkit provided an overview of the mHealth market, with general discussion of devices, definitions, and how mHealth may benefit your organization. While that toolkit focused on mobile devices, this toolkit will look beyond the devices and explore how to choose an mHealth application (or simply “app”) for use in your organization or home.


mHealth, or ‘mobile health’, is a comprehensive term that encompasses the provisioning of healthcare using mobile networks and devices. In this toolkit, we break mHealth down into its component parts, and assess mHealth devices for use in telemedicine.

Mobile Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measurement is a critical vital sign measured during health care screening, acute care and for chronic conditions. Mobile blood pressure units ease home monitoring for patients and provide accurate data to the clinician. In this toolkit, we assessed four different mobile blood pressure monitors, and provided selection tips for patients to consider prior to purchase.


Tympanometers use air pressure and sound waves to test the function of the middle ear. By evaluating the compliance (movement) of the tympanic membrane, clinicians can diagnose middle ear disorders. This toolkit overviews the science of tympanometry, and contains our assessment results of four tympanometers.

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