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A company out of the United Kingdom, endoscope-i Ltd., has developed the endoscope-i, an iPhone-based imaging system for rigid and flexible scopes.  The system consists of a plastic mount that attaches to an iPhone, an iOS application, a light source with integrated battery, and a rigid otoendoscope.

The plastic mount firmly attaches the top iPhone, with an aperture opening over the rear-facing iPhone camera.  A novel locking system is used to hold both their optional otoendoscope and a range of other scopes with relative security.  The alignment may shift slightly, but there were never any concerns about the probes falling out.  The unit tested by TTAC supported the included otoendoscope and some existing Welch Allyn otoendoscopes that were in the test lab.

The light source is a very bright white LED housed within a small, textured handle that also contains a [3200]mAh battery.  The light intensity is not adjustable and the battery must be removed from the handle and charged separately.  There was no need to recharge the battery throughout the multiple tests and evaluations performed by TTAC.  The handle utilized standard mounts, which made it possible to use their light source with other otoendoscopes.

The rigid otoendoscope that was included with the endoscope-i system (4mm / 0° / 55mm working length, manufactured by Microscopix) appeared to be an acceptable scope, though no rigorous tests were done to evaluate chromatic and optical accuracy of the device.  As ordered, the otoendoscope did not include any sort of barrel or shroud and did not accept specula.

The endoscope-i software makes the endoscope-i far more functional than it is on its own, as it handles the issue of focus, exposure, image resizing, and image stability.  Without this software, the user must manually adjust all of these settings (finger movements to zoom in on the rather small image, tap and hold to lock exposure and focus).  With the app, the imaging process is made much smoother.  They have added further features, including PIN protection of the image library, and other controls for the camera. 


Product Specifications:

  • 0° 4mm Microscopix Otoendoscope 55mm working length
  • Microscopix LED rechargable light wand with push button activation
  • endoscope-i adapter of choice (iPhone 4s/5/5s)
  • Peli 1060 Microcase with custom fit