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FotoFinder handyscope


FotoFinder has developed the handyscope, an iPhone-based mobile dermatology system.  handyscope is comprised of a light source, battery, and lens mounted to a black plastic and aluminum case into which an iPhone is inserted, a smartphone application for image capture and clinical workflows, and a web-based application for image review and additional clinical workflows.

The light source on the devices consists of 12 bright white LEDs, six of which are polarized.  The polarized and non-polarized lights are used independently of one another; alternating between the light sources can drastically change the appearance of the skin, vasculature, and lesions.  A switch on the case turns the light source on, while a button switched between polarized and non-polarized light.

The  2400mAh battery is built into the case itself and can provide up to 8 hours of active lighting. When the battery levels are below 25%, a light on the case turns from white to yellow.  The battery is recharged with a standard micro USB cable connected to either a powered USB port on a computer or a standard USB wall adapter.

Two front pieces can be attached to the lens with a threaded mount—one for contact imaging (with a glass plate) and one for contactless imaging (without a glass plate).  The lens of the handyscope is designed so that its focal point is at the end of either the contact or contactless front piece.

The iPhone-based software supports a range of features, including an in-screen scale for measurements, a graphical location selector to help indicate what part of the body was imaged, and the ability to add metadata (including patient information) to the images.  The images can be sent using standard iPhone transmission protocols, saved in encrypted storage on the iPhone, or sent to the cloud-based “Hub” application for management, review and consultation.

Product Specifications:

Height : 4.5 cm
Width : 6.5 cm
Length : 13.5 cm
Weight : 117 grams
Battery: 2400mAh

Review by Leo Barco at the International Society for Dermatological Imaging.  Note that there appear to be subtle differences between the version of the product reviewed by Mr. Barco.