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Kubi Robotic Videoconferencing Stand for Tablets


Revolve Robotics has developed the Kubi, a robotic stand for mobile devices that offers pan and tilt functionality for mobile-based videoconferencing software.  This product addresses one of the growing concerns of those more familiar with room-based VTC platforms; namely, current mobile devices lack the ability to remotely move the camera.  The motorized Kubi pairs with mobile products via a Bluetooth connection, then allows for both local and remote devices to control the positioning of the tablet or phone.  A downloadable mobile software application and web-based interface allows for control of the device.

Kubi consists of a circular, metallic base with a cylindrical, plastic stand that is topped with spring-loaded arms for securely holding mobile devices.  Kubi has a built-in battery that charges with a mini-USB cable and supports use while disconnected from a power source.  Kubi is designed to support a tablet device.  Kubi and its supporting software is not itself a videoconferencing application, and thus is meant to be used in conjunction with a conferencing application of the user’s choice.

The two interfaces that are used to control Kubi are both free of charge and can be used by multiple people simultaneously within a single videoconference.  Both of these controller applications support a click-and-drag interface to pan and tilt the mounted mobile device, as well as the ability to save locations to more easily move the camera between set points within a videoconference. 

Kubi is an innovative development within the tablet and mobile accessory market, as it brings functionality to mobile videoconferencing that was lost in the shift away from room-based systems.  The movement of the motors is relatively smooth, though there is some noticeable shake and noise when moving the device.  This, and upcoming devices like it, are going to be exciting to watch in the future.

They have also developed a cart-based version (the cart must be manually wheeled around), which may be an interesting option for clinical settings.

Product Specifications:

Technical Specifications

  • 300° Pan, +/- 45° Tilt
  • RGB power button and status indicator
  • Mini-USB cable and AC power adapter
  • 2.25" W x 2.25" L x 11.75" H (w/o base)
  • Unit weight 340g, 680g w/ base
  • Bluetooth LE Auto-Pairing


  • Compatible with iPad 3, 4, Air, and iPad Minis.
    iOS App available in the app store.
  • Compatible with Android tablets that have Bluetooh 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) AND have JellyBean 4.3/KitKat 4.4+ running.
    Android app available in the Google Play store.