Innovation Watch: Video Otoscopes

Cellscope OTO - All Components (Lens Stored)


Cellscope has released the Oto HOME and Oto CLINIC otoscopes for use on consumer and clinician iPhones.  This allows the capture of otoscopy images directly on a smartphone by using a cleverly-designed phone case and a removable lens that takes advantage of the iPhone’s built-in camera sensor and flash.

The hardware for this device is relatively minimal, consisting of a slim black case for an iPhone (it will not work in conjunction with other cases) and a small lens that can be attached to a groove or cutout in the back of the case near the camera lens.  The device also ships with a small holder for the lens and specula, allowing the otoscope to be slipped into a pocket or desk when not in use.

Firefly DE550 with All Components

Wireless Video Otoscope

Firefly has produced a video otoscope that wirelessly connects to a PC via a USB dongle.  The video source from this product shows up on a computer as a USB webcam or similar video source, allowing use of an otoscope without the encumbrance of wires.  TTAC had previous experience with their USB otoscope and dermascope and wanted to see how the innovation of wireless connections might be used.