Mobile Blood Pressure - Product Comparison Table

Comparison Table iHealth BP3 Withings BP-800 Omron BP791 IT Omron HEM-670 IT
Company iHealth Lab, Inc. Withings Omron Healthcare, Inc. Omrom Healthcare, Inc.
16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958
Consumer Support:
1925 W. Field Court
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Consumer Support:
1925 W. Field Court
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Cuff Type Upper Arm Upper Arm Upper Arm Wrist
Mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Three Read Average Mode No Yes Yes Yes
Date/Time Functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Users 1 1 2 1
Graphical Display Yes - iPhone Yes - iPhone Yes - Personal Health Record Yes - Personal Health Record
Software Aspects        
Software Interface iPhone (iPad) iPhone (iPad) Computer Copmputer
Application Included Yes Yes    
Online Memory Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local App or Device Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Result Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical Aspects of Cuff        
Form Factor Cuff, Air Tube, Base Station / iPhone dock Cuff, Integrated Cylinder and Cable Cuff, Air Tube, and Base Station Wrist Cuff and Cable
Contents of Package        
Includes Carrying Case No No Yes Yes
Display Via iPhone (iPad) only Via iPhone (iPad) only On Station Display On Wrist Display
Requires Air Tube Yes No Yes No
Color Gray & White White, Silver, Lime Green Gray & Blue Gray
Size Medium Medium Medium Small
Arm/Wrist Arm Arm Arm Wrist
Cuff wrap style Wrap with cinch bar Spring / curve Spring / curve Spring / curve
Putting cuff On/Off Less easy Easy Easy Easiest
Functional aspects of taking BP        
Inflation method Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Operation indicators (that it is working) Yes (number appears for rising pressure and magnifying glass, then pulse wave appears with beating heart) Yes (fans spin on screen and a software-based "mercury bar" goes up, "measurement under way ...") Yes, numbers and a beating heart Yes, numbers and a beating heart
Takes P during up or down cycle Up Down Down Up
Times to obtain BP reading* 43 Seconds 35 Seconds 35 Seconds 30 Seconds
Three readings 42,43,44 36,33,35 34,36,34 29,32,30
Size of numbers (H x W, 0 an 100 reading)

8mm x 5mm

8mm x 17mm

(On iPhone screen)

10mm x 8mm

10mm x 22mm

20mm x 11mm

20mm x 30mm

11mm x 6mm 

11mm x 20mm

Glare on screen No No Yes No
Pulse display Yes, pulse wave and flashing heart icon Yes, flashing heart icon Yes, number Yes, number
Irregular heart beat sensor   No Yes Yes
Programmable alarm     Yes  
Time/date Time & Date   Time Time & Date
Memory (# readings)     200 100
Has automatic 3-reading mode No Yes Yes Yes
Connector: power and data Docking station for iPhone / iPad iPhone / iPad cable - attached Serial / USB cable Serial / USB cable
Connector: air hose Yes No Yes No
Connector: unit to iPhone Yes, dock Yes No No
Power / battery type Internal, proprietary** 4 x AAA batteries 3 x AA batteries 2 x AAA batteries
Battery charging within unit Yes, plug into 120V No No No
AC adapter (120V) Yes No Yes No
# readings per charge 100 or more per charge 1,000 - 2,400 1,800 900
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Separate users in memory     Yes No
Connectivity software iHealth App (v2.1.3) Withings App (v3.7) Microsoft HealthVault drivers for product Microsoft HealthVault drivers for product
Other Specifications        
Device dimensions 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.6" 5.9" x 5.5" x 3.9" 4.9" x 6.3" x 3.3" 3" x 2.5" x 1.5"
Weight 7.6 oz (215 g) 21.2 oz (600 g) 15.5 oz (439 g) 5.5 oz (156 g)
Cuff sizes available (inches)   9-17 inches 9-17 inches 5.3-8.5 inches (wrist)


*Based on three consecutive BP readings @120/80 on the same adult with 1 minute interval rest period; Mean .

**“User is not permitted to change the battery. If the battery is out of life, please send to the service center for maintenance.”