Patient Exam Cameras

About This Technology - Includes a Technology Overview which explains and examines the various technical aspects of patient exam camera technology. It also contains guidelines for Deploying and Supporting the patient exam cameras that you end up selecting for your Telehealth program. A section on Resources & Standards provides some recognized industry and clinical resources that were utilized while preparing this toolkit.

Assessment Process - Includes a Whitepaper that examines various aspects of patient exam camera performance and various possibilities for patient exam camera configurations that might be applicable to your Telehealth program. The Assessment Guide examines the entire assessment process used by the TTAC while assessing patient exam cameras for this toolkit. In the Product Information section, you can find specific information on each patient exam camera that the TTAC assessed, along with some recorded images and videos in the Sample Media section.

Assessment Results - Compiles the evaluation that we have completed for this toolkit in a Summary. It includes the PowerPoint presentation and Webinar recording that accompanies the 2010 patient exam camera toolkit.