Toolkits are a critical part of the work that the Telehealth Technology Assessment Center does.  These interactive elements allow users to learn the fundamentals of how various technologies work, as well as how to assess them for use in telehealth programs.

We will be releasing new toolkits or assessments in our new Innovation Watch section of our website every few months, as well as working to keep existing content relevent and accurate.  Some toolkits will guide users through performing their own assessments.  Other toolkits will help users identify their needs, bringing technology into alignment with clinical requirements.



TTAC releases for 2014...

  1. AliveCor ECG Heart Monitor
  2. Lytro Light Field Camera
  3. Google Glass
  4. Kubi
  5. handyscope
  6. endoscope-i
  7. Horus Scope
  8. New Videoconferencing Toolkit

TTAC releases for 2013...

  1. olloclip
  2. Flexicam
  3. iExaminer
  4. mHealth App Selection





TTAC releases for 2012...

  1. Digital Cameras - DSLR
  2. Tympanometers
  3. Mobile Blood Pressure
  4. mHealth

TTAC releases for 2011...

  1. Video Otoscopes
  2. Home Telehealth
  3. Videoconferencing Bridges
  4. Videoconferencing Endpoints

TTAC releases for 2010...

  1. Digital Cameras - Point & Shoot
  2. Desktop Video Applications
  3. Electronic Stethoscopes
  4. Patient Exam Cameras
  5. Technology Assessment 101