Digital Cameras - Point & Shoot

About This Technology – includes sections that provide general information on digital cameras, including a Technology Overview that walks through a discussion of features and terminology, a Deployment and Support guideline that helps look at issues around putting cameras in the field, a Resources section that provides links to websites and information available elsewhere on the web, and a Standards section that links to resources for digital imaging guidelines for dermatology.

Assessment Process – walks you through the work that goes into choosing a digital camera for your telehealth program.  Sections include a Whitepaper that looks at the process used by the TTAC in assessing cameras for this toolkit, an Assessment Guide that provides some guidance as to how features and functions are rated, an Imaging Guide that explains how images were captured in the assessment process, some Sample Photos to show how we rate images from various cameras, and a list of Manufacturers that we included in this review.

Assessment Results – includes a presentation completed by the TTAC on Digital Cameras.