Home Telehealth - Resources

If you are considering starting or revamping a Home Telehealth program, please feel free to use these resources and to seek out the many more that are available. Listed below are a few resources specifically from the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) with pricing and product descriptions. The Telehealth Technology Assessment Center (TTAC) literature review is a comprehensive review featuring multiple articles that have sample documents as well as other tools that can be useful.

  • ATA Home Telehealth Toolkit, 2009. Available for purchase from ATA, $50 for members and $95 for non-members. “This toolkit provides guidelines and procedures for the design and delivery of home telehealth services. These guidelines and procedures were designed for the use of those establishing a new home telehealth program as well as others revising or reviewing an existing program. This document also includes Clinical Guidelines for Home Telehealth as developed by the Home Telehealth and Remote Monitoring SIG in 2004.”

  • ATA Home Telehealth Clinical Guidelines, 2003. Available from ATA, free to the public. “Advances in telecommunication technologies used in health care over the last decade have expanded application possibilities. Home telehealth began with home health agencies providing virtual visits by collecting one or more personal vital signs, which were then sent to a remote monitoring station. Today, with the use of inter-active video and store and forward, applications in the home have expanded. In addition to remote monitoring of vital signs, services provided by home health agencies now include such diverse applications as hospice (palliative care), rehabilitation, case management, chronic disease management, virtual house calls, post-surgical follow-up and more. ATA has produced the Home Telehealth guideline to encompass these differences and establish a set of universal principles guiding the development and deployment of home telehealth in the future.”

  • ATA Telemedicine Products and Services Directory. Available from ATA, free to the public.

  • TTAC Literature Review